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Reviewing the Rapid Results Method by Russ Horn

Rapid Results Method is the ultimate package for Forex traders. With RRM you will receive exclusive membership into a private traders group, live expert support, Forex training material, and coaching from some of the World's Best Forex Experts and Educators. This includes personal advise from winning Forex trader, Russ Horn.

Rapid Results MethodA knowledgeable trader knows when to wait, when to take a move and when to stop and with a good Forex education background all these skills and strategies can be learned to become successful in this field of business endeavor. One of the main reasons why financial institutions and professional trading gurus offer Forex trading training or skills enhancement and strategy and system based courses is because Forex trading is complex in nature.

It requires knowledge, skills and courage to be a successful Forex trader. One has to understand the basics behind currency movements. A good foundation on Forex trading including knowledge on market history, key concepts in Forex trading and basic understanding of exchange rates is essential.

Just like all types of professional work, livelihood or business endeavor, Forex education is an important tool in understanding Forex trading better and employment of the knowledge gained is essential to achieving success in trading.

As someone who has spent years developing stock trading systems, I highly recommend Horn's teachings of currency trading. From sad experience, I know that 80 to 90% of the products and services on trading systems are a waste of time. They present cherry-picked examples of great trades to dazzle the reader and build up a false sense of confidence in the system. When you try to use these types of programs in real trading, you lose money fast without a clue of how to fix the situation.

Rapid Results Method — Some Tips When Beginning To Trade

Rapid Results Method Review

1. The Profitability of the System, Shown as Either Pips per Month or Profits Based on Float Size

Profits are most commonly quoted in pips per month. The reason why this method is popular, is because it is one way of comparing between systems, though people may be trading different face values.

What you have to be careful of when looking at the pip profits per month however, is that the face value that's traded with any given float will depend on the average risk per trade, which in turn depends on the average stop loss distance for that system, if a fixed risk model is used. And this determines the dollar profits that will result from any float.

Say you want to trade with a 2% fixed risk model. If the average risk per trade in the first system is say 30 pips, and is 60 pips in a second system, then the average face value would be twice the size in the first system for any given float. If both systems produce the same average pip profit per trade, say 100 pips, the first system will, in terms of dollar amounts, produce the higher profit.

2. The Maximum Historical Drawdown of the System

This may be expressed as pips, or as a percentage of the cash float used when testing the system performance. For example, if the maximum historical drawdown was $2,000 based on a $10,000 cash float, then the drawdown is 20% (as a percentage of cash float).

The maximum historical drawdown of a system is the largest decrease in equity that has occurred in the past during backtesting or trading of the system. You can use the drawdown to compare between systems, but you can also use the drawdown to figure out the amount of funds you'd need to start trading the system.

In the example above, you'd need at least $12,000 in the beginning in case a drawdown occurs when you first start trading, not years down the track.

3. The "Profit-Loss" Ratio of the System

This is the average size of winning compared to losing trades. A high ratio here signifies a degree or robustness in the system, but this figure should always be looked at together with the "win-loss" ratio of the system, which is the percentage of winning trades compared to losing trades.

4. A High Win-Loss Ratio is a Bonus in that the System May Be Easier Psychologically to Trade

Ultimately though, it's the combination of both that counts. That is, if the "profit-loss" ratio multiplied by the "win-loss" ratio is greater than 1, then the system is profitable. Ideally you'd want this ratio to be 2 or 3 or more to ensure that the system is significantly profitable, not borderline.

5. The Consistency of the System

If you can find a highly profitable system that has a reasonable drawdown, and is very consistent, then this is ideal. There's a sweet spot for everybody. You may accept a slightly higher drawdown and slightly less consistenty, if the profitability was significantly higher, while others may prefer a different combination of the above. Look at the monthly, quarterly and yearly results to best tell this.

6. The Amount of Time it Takes to Trade the System Per Day

Some systems take only 15 minutes four times day, while others need a few hours. Some forex trading systems on the other hand trade only at certain known times, such as when major economic announcements occur. So you know in advance when you actually need to be at the computer. This ultimately depends on how much time you have.

7. Is the Trading System Systematic, Discretionary, or Part-Discretionary?

Now this is where you may have a preference depending on your past experience as a trader. Some traders prefer mostly or 100% mechanical systems where there's not much room for discretion. The advantage of mechanical systems is that the analysis may be simpler, and there's less need to learn discretionary skills that come from real-time paper and live trading.

However many systems that are very profitable can't be made into completely mechanical systems. Finding the type that suits you is important here. Some people who are used to trading 100% mechanical stock or CFD systems find they need some adjustment time to get used to these kinds of systems.

So there you have it.

The above tips should be kept in mind when exploring the Rapid Results Method trading system and deciding if it's worth your time going with.

Final Thoughts: Everything you need to know as a trader, in a clear and concise manner. Russ tells you like it is, like a friend would with no bull. Basically, he let's you know where your head needs to be to have a shot at any success. New traders will benefit from the information within this package as well as bonus access to the trading group and the array of trading material.

If you are interested in trading the Forex market and want practical, actionable advice, then Rapid Results Method delivers. You will get a full in-depth insight of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, live trades, and trading psychology required to be a successful trader.

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